Root Beer
Rocky knows the significance of hard work. As a young boy, Rocky would  work at his dad's beverage stand. "I can't help but to believe my dad knew I would grow up to brew the best root beer, ever." state Rocky Stephens, founder of Rocky's root beer.
Investors: Contact rocky@pinnekel.com to learn how you can benefit from the grow in the root beer business.
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Our Values


Rocky's root beer company places great value in the quality of all of our products. Our products are 100% tested, 100% of the time. By constantly testing the beverages we are selling to our consumers, we can be confident in our ability to ensure quality.

​With an in-house chemists trained in the craft, we are able to maintain and guarantee the quality of our ingredients. By guaranteeing the excellence of our beverages, we can meet the high standards that our customers expect and rely on.​

Integrity is a key component of our culture. We believe in carefully developing our environment to ensure that both our employees and partners are honest and hard working -- just like our consumers.
Customer Service
Our success is measured by the happiness of our customers. We help in every way that we can, and we are dedicated to making sure that satisfaction is a vital element of the partnership.
From the start, we’ve valued creating refreshingly unique drinks. Today, our individuality is not only displayed in our products, but also in our team, our partners, and our consumers.
As a small company, we value flexibility in our team and work together to get the job done. We know the importance of developing products that are tailored to a fast-paced and ever-changing market.


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Back in the day, Rocky's dad did many things to earn money for the family. One of his ventures was an old fashion root beer stand that Rocky as a young child would help with his Dad.

Rocky loved root beer from a very young age. "I can't help but believe, my father knew that one day I would brew the best root beer ever brewed." stated Rocky Stephens, Founder of Rocky's root beer.